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Discovering the unlimited opportunities

“At Mavim there are no boundaries. For me personally and for the company as a whole.”

Discovering myself through Mavim.

My name is Thomas Littooij and I have been working at Mavim for a little over 4 years, currently in the role of a Value Engineer. I studied Business & Entrepreneurship at VU University in Amsterdam, but when I graduated in 2016 I wasn’t entirely sure which path to follow. Luckily Mavim and I crossed paths at exactly the right moment! I felt like Mavim was a great culture fit for me and I guess they must’ve felt the same way since I wasn’t necessarily qualified for the job. They were thinking outside the box, looked beyond my resumé and ensured me I would get space to grow into the role. That flexibility, open-mindedness and opportunity for self-development really spoke to me. Four years later I still experience that culture in my everyday work.

Learning on the job in its truest form.

At Mavim the ultimate goal is to help the client. You get to decide how you want to approach their desires and what works best for you. That flexibility and trust is unique to Mavim.

I often compare this approach to an Excel sheet. Microsoft may allow you to enter formulas into the sheet, like SUM=, but you decide what values you enter and how you use the formula’s. In this way, there is actually a lot of creativity involved in my role! If the client wants tasks A, B and C to be carried out, then you have to think about how you can make this happen. Sometimes the Excel the client provides is blank and sometimes it’s completely laid out already. In that case you have to work out how you can fit the tasks into that sheet.

Once you’ve analyzed 30 different clients’ frameworks, then maybe when you get to client 31 you will know exactly how to approach theirs. So even in all this freedom, your knowledge will grow. Essentially Mavim allows you to draw conclusions from your own experiences, rather than plainly telling you how to go about your work.

Experiment, fail, learn and improve.

Besides the freedom within the role, Mavim encourages experimenting with different tools to give shape to our general workflow. I love using PowerBI for example, whilst my colleagues prefer other tools. Together we discover what works for our role and what doesn’t. What’s great about this is that Mavim truly gives you the space to try out new techniques, even if that means making mistakes, because we believe it will make us better professionals. We call it “fail to improve” and it’s a motto we live by.

Our work and Mavim as a whole are continuously developing thanks to this mindset, which is exactly why we say “You make Mavim”.

Looking for more freedom in your work?

If you would like to have a chat with Mavim about tools and techniques you like to work with, we’d love to hear it! Drop us a message via the contact form or apply directly on one of our open vacancies.

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