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Relentless curiosity and personal drive lie at the core

“Working here, you will want to go the extra mile!”

From Barista to Business Development Manager.

My name is Burt van Dinter, I am 28 years old and I live in Leiden, the most beautiful city of the Netherlands! I first came here for my studies at the University of Leiden, majoring in Sport Psychology and Public Administration Management. Since then a lot has happened.

Just a year ago I was a barista and wondering where to start my professional career. Now I am a proud and happy member of Mavim’s team as a Business Development Manager. I didn’t know much about software when I applied, but now I am discovering the whole new world of IT and helping businesses with their digital transformation.

We make Mavim.

Learning about IT was just a bonus though, since this wasn’t my main motivation to apply. Instead I felt triggered by Mavim’s mindset for change and improvement. During my first interview someone asked me: “We foresee an intense organizational growth. Do you want to be a part of it?” I could truly feel their motivation, so of course I said yes!

They told me that the people at Mavim are all unique, very social and have their own stories. I remember thinking to myself: “Yeah, whatever…” But it’s true! Everyone here has a very cool personality and we all have an ambition to build bigger things. Whether in sports or art, or tech, we are all people who are willing to be bold and take risks. I think we use that drive to contribute to Mavim in our own ways, so it’s 100% true that we shape Mavim together.

“Just go for it!”

On a day to day base you can feel the dynamic and international character of Mavim. Working with the American team especially, as they are even more driven than we are! If someone asked me to move to the states for Mavim, I definitely would, even if that means saying goodbye to Leiden. Such a limitless work environment offers endless possibilities and opportunities. You and your ambitions are in charge of your future, Mavim won’t hold you back.

Our work and Mavim as a whole are continuously developing thanks to this mindset, which is exactly why we say “You make Mavim”.

Looking for a job that fuels your passion?

If you would like to have a chat with Mavim about tools and techniques you like to work with, we’d love to hear it! Drop us a message via the contact form or apply directly on one of our open vacancies.

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